дополнительные услуги

Private VLAN

TLLIX imposes no limit peering arrangements between participants; TLLIX purely acts as a L2 facilitator. A Private VLAN enables direct traffic exchange between two or more TLLIX participants over a dedicated VLAN on the TLLIX infrastructure. 

Private Interconnect VLANs can be implemented on an existing port with 802.1Q-tagging (MTU is 9000 bytes).  

VLAN Service fee per port, for each VLAN:

Dual connection

Very demanding Participants require a redundant connection to the TLLIX. We can of course accommodate this requirement.

Second port connection fee:

Colocation services

You can colocate your equipment in Linxtelecom high standard colocation facility.

  • rack space for Participant equipment, either full racks or by height units
  • redundant power supply, airco, security, fire & burglar alarms
  • remote hands services
  • monitoring and alerting services

Please contact Linxtelecom for pricing and further information. 

Upstream services

A variety of upstream services is available at TLLIX.

  • excellent connectivity to AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Netnod, MSK-IX, PL-IX, TIX
  • excellent upstream upstream capacity available to Level3, Inteliquent
  • back-up IPT service: a backup IPT connection in case your primary upstream fails

Please contact Linxtelecom for pricing and further information.

Fiber access

Fiber access to TLLIX is possible via following providers: